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Tablet Activity Recorder

Tablet Activity Recorder

Simply put, the mobile tablet device has fast become the childcare practitioner’s tool of choice! With an endless list of teaching and admin tasks to carry out each day, the benefits of ‘Going Digital’ in childcare are more obvious than ever before. With Little Vista’s powerful Tablet Activity Recorder, you can create and share Observations, Learning Stories, Curriculum-Linked Activities with photos and video, track Attendance, Meals and Sleep records, for one or multiple children, in an instant! Key information is always at your fingertips! Less time on admin and paperwork, more time with children. It’s simple! Happy staff, happy families!


Document and easily track your evidence for Learning & Development through Learning stories, Observations & Activities. Capture moments with video & photos and share meaningful information in real-time with families.

Learning & Development

Easily create detailed Observations, Learning Stories and Curriculum-based Activity records for one or multiple children at a time. Add photos and video, along with Next Steps and link with your preferred curriculum.

Learning Centre

One central place for all your learning and development records. View, edit, update and share. Powerful and simple!

Learning Loop

The importance of parental engagement in early years learning has never been greater. With new initiatives to include parents, guardians and families in the learning and development process, we have enabled childcare practitioners to easily share learning updates and to receive feedback, photos and videos from families via our Learning Loop.

Group Updates

Little Vista’s ‘Group Updates’ feature is designed specifically to reduce your administration workload while ensuring information is accurate and easily shared with parents, families, and guardians.


Log individual & group attendance in seconds


Log a meal for a whole class with ease and share how much each child has eaten


Log detailed sleep checks including room temperature, position, breathing & skin colour & notes