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Family App

Family App

Congratulations! It would appear your childcare service provider has made the wise decision of becoming a Little Vista customer! We’re delighted to have you onboard! You can now stay connected and rest assured your little one is in good hands!

What is the Little Vista Family App?

The Little Vista Family App is a downloadable mobile application (Android / IOS) that directly connects you with your childcare service provider. It enables them to share real-time updates with you throughout the day, including photos, videos, audio clips, curriculum-based activities, and important additional information around meals and sleep records.

Why have I been invited to connect?

You have been invited to connect because your childcare service provider has made the decision to transition from an old paper record keeping system to a faster, easier digital system. They also feel that sharing key information with you is an integral part of your child’s well-being and development and they’re keen to get you started!

Is my information secure?

Yes! Security is of paramount importance to us. We take every step to ensure your information is safe, secure and can be accessed and deleted at all times. We use the latest encryption technology for all information stored and shared using the Little Vista platform, while also meeting all new GDPR directives.

Do I have to pay for the Little Vista Family App?

No! As a parent or guardian of a child, we believe you are entitled to the information shared with you. So unlike other childcare software service companies, we offer our Family App for FREE. There is a Premium Upgrade option for those of you who choose to enjoy some additional features, but we will always deliver your daily updates for FREE!

Download the Family App